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(UAE) Dubai has "first Autism-Friendly Police"; sensory rooms added

Jan 20, 2024, Gulf Today: Dubai Police named UAE's first Autism-Friendly Police

Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, the Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, officially received the Force's Autism-Friendly Certificate (AFC) from the Dubai Autism Centre.

The certificate was granted to Dubai Police to acknowledge their fulfilment of the personnel, facilities, and services criteria in creating a safe and friendly environment for people with autism.

Al Marri confirmed that Dubai Police's achievement in receiving this recognition is a result of their steadfast dedication to creating an inclusive environment for individuals of determination.

He further explained that this commitment aligns with the objectives of sustainable development, the national policy for empowering people with determination, Dubai's strategy of 'My Community - A City for Everyone', and the Dubai Police strategy aimed at enhancing the quality of life and well-being of this segment of society.

Furthermore, Al Marri underscored that the acquisition of the certificate stands as a proud testament to the unwavering commitment of the Force to consistently improve and adopt the best global practices, experiences, and advanced technologies….

In turn, Major Abdullah Hamad Al Shamsi, Chairman of Dubai Police's People of Determination Empowerment Council, emphasized that the establishment of sensory rooms in police stations is a clear demonstration of the Council's unwavering dedication to creating inclusive facilities and buildings in accordance with the Dubai Universal Design Code.

He stated, "This pioneering initiative provides vital support to individuals with autism and underscores the importance of offering a protective and stimulating environment."

Al Shamsi further highlighted these sensory rooms' significant role in fostering social interaction, enhancing communication skills, and providing a safe space."

Al Shamsi reaffirmed the Council's commitment to fostering strong partnerships with relevant entities involved in supporting individuals with determination. He stated, "This collaboration aims to facilitate the exchange of experiences and knowledge, aligning with the UAE's vision of leading in providing care and attention to this crucial segment of society."

Al Shamsi further explained that the cooperation with Dubai Autism Centre is part of a collective endeavour to implement the Autism-Friendly Environment program, with the primary objective of establishing a sustainable and comprehensive system that encompasses the fundamental principles, standards, requirements, and evaluation criteria for effectively serving individuals with autism….


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