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(UAE) Abu Dhabi: Teachers to be trained in autism; rate has grown "tenfold over last four decades"

July 4, 2021, Gulf News: Abu Dhabi to train schoolteachers in autism education, inclusivity

Abu Dhabi: A dedicated programme will this summer train teachers in Abu Dhabi Emirate to work effectively with children on the autism spectrum. The training aims to offer more inclusive education opportunities within private and charter schools…. The Adek training will be offered following a three-year agreement between the emirate’s education regulator, the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (Adek), and UK Department of Education’s Autism Education trust (AET). The AET works to build and enhance professional capabilities to autism spectrum students from the early years up to 25 years, and has developed its training programme and teacher resources with the help of people on the spectrum, their caregivers, and education professionals. Prevalence About one in 88 children is estimated to be on the autism spectrum in Abu Dhabi. Internationally, the rate of autism has grown tenfold over the last four decades. The condition, which presents at early childhood, is typically characterised by impaired social interaction and communication skills. Individuals on the spectrum also have difficulty in using language and abstract concepts. It is believed to be caused mostly by genetic factors, although certain environmental reasons are also highlighted…. Training modules

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