UAE: 400% increase in allergies in a decade

Oct 5, 2017, UAE doctors warn on life-threatening food allergies after 400% global rise— Parents and schools are being encouraged to learn more about the devastating reaction some children can have to nuts following a decade-long rise in the numbers developing serious allergies. Doctors in Dubai have said some parents do not take the risk seriously, and that more children are showing signs of an allergic reaction that can be fatal in extreme cases.

Although UAE figures are not available, the World Allergy Organisation and doctors suggest food allergies have risen globally by as much as 400 per cent in a decade. “Children’s allergies can increase over time but we now have about 20 children at the school with severe allergies,” said Dr Sadaf Jalil Ahmed, the doctor at Deira International School. “Very few parents can be bothered to take this issue seriously as it does not directly affect them. “But parents with children who have these allergies are on their toes all the time, as it can be life-threatening. “Irrespective of how many times we try to educate them, some parents continue to push the boundaries and still don’t appreciate how serious contact allergy can be.”