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U.S. Legolands to become "certified Autism Centers" by March 31st

Feb 6, 2023, KTLA Las Vegas: U.S. based Legoland Parks to become certified Autism Centers by spring 2023

Legoland Resorts announced Monday that all of its North American theme parks would become Certified Autism Centers (CAC) by March 31.

Legoland parks in Florida and California received autism certification in 2022. The company’s newest theme park in New York will receive autism certification when it reopens in March, a news release said.

The certification involves specialized training for staff, sensory guides at each ride indicating if are features such as bright lights and loud sounds that might impact visitors who are on the autism spectrum, and also offer low-sensory areas and quiet rooms.

“With 1 in 44 children diagnosed with autism in the U.S., we want to build understanding and empathy while also ensuring our teams have the tools and support strategies when engaging with a neurodiverse population,” Scott O’Neil, the CEO of Merlin Entertainments, said in a statement. “Through this certification, we’re providing our guests with more opportunities to create and play their way while supporting parents through every step of the vacation planning journey.”…


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