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U.S. company provides health care for "neurodivergent adults";$99/mo cost

Mar 15, 2023, Mobile Health News: Hopper Health launches to offer primary care for neurodivergent adults

The platform connects adults with conditions like autism, ADHD, OCD or Tourette's with care teams trained to help with their specific needs.

Hopper Health, a healthcare navigation and virtual primary care platform, launched this week to provide care for adults with conditions like Tourette's, ADHD, autism and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Patients will have access to healthcare providers trained in the communication and sensory needs of the neurodivergent population.

The New York-based platform is directly available to consumers in their home state and in California via a $99 monthly membership.

"As an autistic and ADHD person with co-occurring chronic health conditions, I built Hopper Health for people like me to rec

eive higher quality care," Katya Siddall-Cipolla, CEO and founder of Hopper Health, said in a statement.

"Clinicians often don't know how to effectively accommodate neurodivergent patients, and an imbalanced patient-provider power dynamic can mean we aren't taken seriously as experts on our own symptoms or experiences. My goal is to create a path for neurodivergent adults to take their health into their own hands with a support system that inherently understands their challenges and needs."


Autistic individuals in particular self-report lower-quality healthcare than others and are more likely to have chronic and mental physical health conditions, according to a study from the University of Cambridge.

Other digital health companies working to improve health options for neurodivergent individuals are virtual reality behavioral therapy platform Floreo, which teaches those with autism, anxiety, ADHD and other conditions independent living skills as well as communication, social and emotional regulation.

Chicago-based digital obsessive-compulsive disorder identification and management platform NOCD offers video-based OCD treatment. U.K.-based Inflow provides a science-based app that enables ADHD patients to actively self-manage their disease using cognitive behavioral therapy strategies.

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