U of Minnesota: 'About a third of our students or more have a mental illness diagnosis'

Oct 16, 2017, (Minneapolis) Minnesota Daily: Traffic increases 18 percent at Boynton mental health clinic Guided by ongoing talks about campus mental health, the Boynton Health mental wellness clinic at the University of Minnesota saw more traffic than last fall. The clinic reported an 18 percent overall rise in traffic from Sept. 5 to Oct. 9 compared to the same time frame in 2016. Brief and urgent clinic visits are up 14 percent. “We’ve seen a steady increase in demand every year, and that probably reflects a number of different factors,” said Gary Christenson, Boynton's chief medical officer. “There is less stigma, there is more stress, there is more anxiety … there’s a lot of factors contributing to create the demand that we’re seeing,” said Matt Hanson, assistant director of mental health at Boynton Health.... “About a third of our students or more have a mental illness diagnosis,” said Leslie Kent, health and wellness committee director. “I think more conversation needs to be about de-stressing and managing their stressors so it never gets to the point of mental illness.”