TX: School administrators, counselors, police trained in security/mental health

Aug 1, 2018, KXAN, Austin, TX: Feds help Texas schools with safety homework before school starts The FBI and Department of Homeland Security participated in safety and security training for Texas school resource officers, administrators and mental health counselors on Wednesday as part of a continued effort to make schools safer statewide…. "It’s important that we hold meetings and sessions like this today to educate our partners in keeping our schools safe and that is the school resource officers, the school administrators and teachers. … "I think any parent or teacher has some anxiety going into the school year," Congressman Michael McCaul, R-Austin, said. He gave remarks at the event, emphasizing a need to harden schools that have become "soft targets," provide mental health resources to students and identify early-warning signs that may indicate violence down the road. "Whether it be Santa Fe to Columbine to Parkland, there’s always some mental health issue and flags that went up, warning signs that went up that were not identified in advance," McCaul told reporters. "Identifying those signs and those flags in advance is the best way to stop this from happening." The congressman also said he and his colleagues were working to pass more legislation like the Securing Our Schools Act which would require more federal involvement in school safety and security funding, and the Fix NICS Act, championed by Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn and signed by President Donald Trump in March, which strengthen's the government's background check system.