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Twin Falls, ID: MORE inclusion of SPED students; MORE SPED teachers due to more SPED students

Dec 28, 2018, Twin Falls (ID) Magic Valley: The Twin Falls School District helps special education students stay in class with their peers … The Twin Falls School District special education officials want children who have special needs to have as much interaction with their peers in general education classrooms as possible, while still receiving the interventions they need. Educators say it helps boost students’ confidence and academic performance and provides social benefits. Instead of pulling students out of class frequently to receive special education services, the school district keeps students — including Amy — in their general education classroom by “pushing in” special education teachers and paraeducators to help them. … The special education “push-in” model is a big change for Twin Falls’ elementary schools, but that kind of integration was already happening in middle and high schools. The new emphasis at elementary schools started last school year, but a couple of schools are just now transitioning. It’s a model some other south-central Idaho school districts are already using. … The push-in model isn’t used with students who have severe needs and spend their entire day in an extended resource classroom. But some go to elective classes…. At Oregon Trail Elementary, there are two special education teachers — Kristen Russell for kindergarten through second grades and Holcomb for third through fifth grades — due to a large number of students who qualify for services. …


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