Tupelo, MS: Schools focus on "proactive/positive instruction" instead of discipline

Aug 20, 2018, Tupelo (MS) Daily Journal: Tupelo schools install new behavior strategy To increase academic achievement, Tupelo Public School District is installing a new student behavior strategy in its pre-K through fifth-grade classrooms. CHAMPS, which stands for Conversation, Help, Activity, Movement, Participation and Success is a model that focuses on preventing misbehavior through proactive and positive instruction instead of negative disciplinary measures…. “It starts in the classroom, but CHAMPS isn’t limited to the classroom,” Tidwell said. “You can use the same approach in hallways, bathrooms, playground, cafeteria and on the buses. It’s a carryover. Expectations must be set for all areas of the school. For the past several years, schools have had the expectations for the common areas posted. We will be taking an inventory to determine if any gaps exist.” The district is patient in its approach to the new behavior model and recognizes that it could take two full years to fully implement. Beyond classroom teachers, bus drivers have been trained to use the same strategy to keep order on their routes.