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Tulsa, OK: Academy to host "sensory" performances for "neurodivergent children"

July 11, 2023, Broadway World: Theatre Tulsa Academy Will Hold Two Low-Sensory Adaptations In July

Theatre Tulsa Academy will complete its 2023 summer education program with full productions of “Finding Nemo Jr.” and “The Little Mermaid Jr.,” along with low-sensory adaptations for each show. Theatre Tulsa Academy is an interactive theatre training program for youth. The course trains students on the essentials of musical theatre – auditioning, acting, vocal music, dance, and more.

Theatre Tulsa was the first theatre company in the city to provide sensory-friendly programming for people with social and cognitive disabilities, with a primary focus on families with neurodivergent children. …

A sensory-friendly performance involves adapting technical aspects of a performance to provide a low-stimulation experience that minimizes any sounds, lighting effects, or onstage action that may trigger a negative response. …

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