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Tucson, AZ: New clinic hopes to shorten 2 yr wait for autism diagnoses

June 29, 2023, New Tucson facility seeks to cut cost, time for autism diagnosis

Operators of a new clinic in Tucson hope to cut into the time it takes to diagnose and get services for families affected by autism spectrum disorder, or ASD.

Arizona based Axis for Autism has opened a new therapeutics location in addition to its diagnostics office, with a goal of making diagnosis and treatment quicker and cheaper. A grand opening of the clinic took place Wednesday morning at 5055 E. Broadway Blvd., near North Rosemont Boulevard.

“Just three years ago when we were testing out the diagnostic wait times, we had families that were waiting 18-22 months just to get a diagnosis,” said Jessica Reese, vice president of clinical services at Axis.

The new clinic is a huge step forward for those affected by ASD, she said….

The group diagnoses nearly 300 new patients every month at five locations across the state.

At the new Tucson location, Axis is expecting anywhere from 30 to 50 individuals to come through its new therapeutics office monthly. It also is looking into opening clinical services on Tucson’s southwest side within the next 18 months….

“The average wait time for anyone under five is anywhere from three months to a year-and-a-half. The average wait time for anyone over five is six months to a year-and-a-half. For adults it’s two years,” said Maxine Mathews, from the Autism Society of Southern Arizona.

“When Axis came in and were able to cut those times significantly, we were very happy to give that resource out to the people in the community so they can get their evaluations and diagnoses.”


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