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Trumbull, CT: SPED blamed for million and a half budget deficit

Jan 22, 2020, Trumbull (CT) Times: Trumbull schools face ‘dire’ budget situation …At the Jan. 14 Board of Education meeting, Iassogna detailed a series of belt-tightening measures he had implemented in his first five days since replacing retiring Supt. Gary Cialfi. Iassogna had told the board the schools were running a deficit projected at up to $2 million and that he had implemented a spending freeze and a hold on overtime and substitute teacher costs. “That’s how dire the situation is,” Iassogna told the board. He said he had not been able to pin down exactly how large the deficit is, but it likely would be at least $1.2 million. A few days later, Iassogna revised his estimate. “It’s not going to be $2 million, more like $1.3 or $1.5 million on the high side,” he said. Regardless of what the final deficit is, Iassogna described it as “an extremely large number,” especially coming as late in the year as it is. The biggest factor, though, is special education and transportation for students in special education programs, he said. “In October 2019, we identified $1.4 million in special education and transportation costs,” O’Keefe said. “That number has only grown.”


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