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Totowa, NJ: New facility for special needs adults opens

July 13, 2023, NJ 1015, A new facility in NJ for adults with special needs

Most of us living here in New Jersey understand that the state takes a strong stance on caring for people with special needs. The problem is that the focus is usually on children with special needs. Not everyone understands the unique challenges of being a special needs adult, and so sometimes that population is neglected.

But now, New Jersey is taking an important step to care for its adult special-needs population, which is sometimes overlooked.

Enter The Northern Region Educational Services Commission (NRESC). It’s an organization approved by the New Jersey Department of Developmental Disabilities, dedicated to providing services to individuals with special needs.

They offer various programs and services, including occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, respite care, and entertainment activities for this population.

And now, a new, almost 16,000-square-foot facility will be opening in Totowa. They're leasing space from the regional school district according to an article on

This facility will be home to Second Home Day Habilitation Center, which is an amazing program specifically designed for individuals aged 21 and older who have intellectual and developmental disabilities and are medically fragile.

The center will provide a safe, secure, and nurturing environment, This population has a focus on well-being, personal improvement, and growth.

The NRESC, based in Wayne, will oversee the opening of this new facility in the coming fall. The article notes that this move is going to enable the second home day, habilitation center to expand its already successful program and make it more accessible to more people who need it.

NRESC is a nonprofit organization and state-approved public school district. That serves more than 80 entities in seven counties of northern New Jersey, providing educational, business, technology, and transportation services to partner districts and municipalities.

The Second Home Day Habilitation Center, within the NRESC, takes pride in its specialized staff who focus on various areas of development, such as communication, daily living skills, independence, and social skills.

The center prides itself on furthering growth by promoting inclusion of special-needs individuals into the community.

It also provides essential respite for their families.

The opening of this comprehensive facility is such a significant step for New Jersey and its continued support of the adult special-needs population here. Second home day habilitation will give these people the attention and support they so deserve.


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