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Topeka, KS: "Sensory Friendly Sunday" benefits autistic kids

July 9, 2023, WIBW, Topeka, KS: Kids being kids at Sensory Friendly Sunday

Families with children with Autism or who benefit from a sensory-friendly environment were able to come out Sunday morning to the Kansas Children Discovery Center.

Free of charge, families were able to connect with other parents while allowing there kids to play in a safe environment.

Father of an Autistic child, Kevin Dayo, said the Discovery Center understands the challenges and adapts to their needs….

Psychologist, Susan Voorhees, said they do their best to make the environment as welcoming as possible….

Families are able to utilize this time to talk together about what works best for their kids and offer help to other parents who might have questions.

Having an older brother with Autism, Vincent Dayo said that it is not a disability, it is a different ability.

“Remember that Autistic people have different brains than us so if you see an autistic child don’t think that persons different and it’s weird,” said Vincent. “Think this person is austic and they are special to everyone.”

The Kansas Discovery Center holds Sensory Friendly Sunday on the second Sunday of every month.


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