Toledo, OH: "More than 7,200 students [suspended] for disobedient/disruptive behavior" last year

Updated: Jul 1, 2018

June 29, 2018, Toledo (OH) Blade: Can’t learn if you’re not in class Last year, Toledo Public Schools suspended more than 7,200 students for disobedient and disruptive behavior, sending them home from school. Only one other district in Ohio suspended more children. The new disciplinary code approved by the school board recently will scale back suspensions and expulsions while implementing intervention methods to address misbehavior. It comes after district officials spent three years crafting reforms. Students may still be suspended or face harsher measures, including being referred to law enforcement, for breaking rules that threaten the safety of their fellow students, teachers, or staff…. The behavior of children with discipline problems is not likely to improve when they are sent home and their learning is certain to suffer. Reducing out-of-school suspensions is a good strategy for TPS.