Texas: Schools needs more social workers to 'spot behavioral issues\emotional issues'

Mar 15, 2018, U of Houston Public Media: Texas Schools Lack Sufficient Number Of Mental Health Professionals, Experts Say After the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, last month, experts across the country renewed a call for increased access to counselors, social workers and therapists. In an open letter signed by thousands of organizations and individuals, the school violence researchers said access to mental health providers can help prevent future school shootings. Texas mental health advocates say although ratios vary from district to district, many schools lack the staffing necessary to fully meet student needs. … She said even with the help of nonprofits, Texas needs more social workers, and they too could help reduce bullying and behavior concerns in schools. “There’s no fool-proof way to say that, you know, ‘if we just had psychiatrists at school we could prevent school shootings.’ You can’t,” Nisenbaum said. “But what you can do is have more trained personnel like social workers who can spot and can follow up on people with behavioral issues (and) emotional issues.”