TEXAS: "Many school districts putting much stronger focus on behavioral threat assessment tools"

July 31, 2018, Fox4, Dallas, TX: North Texas schools working on Gov. Abbott's plan to improve school security Many school districts have spent the summer making security improvements in the wake of the Santa Fe school shooting. In May, Governor Greg Abbott unveiled a 40-point plan to improve school security. While a lot of districts have been working to harden their campuses since the Sandy Hook shooting, there is still a lot of work to be done. Now, many school districts are putting a much stronger focus on behavioral threat assessment tools. … Out of the eight North Texas school districts that responded to FOX 4’s questions, the majority said they have increased: door lock equipment, cameras, active shooter training, school security personnel, mental health services and tip reporting awareness. … This year, Garland ISD is working to enhance its behavioral threat assessment program, one of the governor's recommendations. “The mental health first aid is a spot on idea, not necessarily what the student did, but why,” Lamb said. “Let's get to the heart to help student understand why he did it.” School districts say for the most part the governor's plan has not provided any additional funding for security.