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Nov 2, 2019, KFDA Amarillo, TX: Improving mental health education in Texas schools The Law is all about mental health education for teachers, administrators, staff and students. “To really reduce the stigma of mental illness across the state of Texas and really to also provide additional resources for educators in our public school system. And to help those children who are in crisis,” says Representative Four Price. During the entire school year, Panhandle schools were preparing for the bill to go into effect by training more educators and staff on mental health first aid as well as teaching students about their mental health. Monday is the first day of school, where this law is in effect throughout Texas. “Nowadays, we do see an increase in mental health issues and different things going on, and students have to deal with a lot of things that they never had to deal with before. … This bill has prompted other measures such as House Bill 19 to go into effect as well, which requires all regions to have a school psychologist available for students…. Educators and Lawmakers are hoping this is only the beginning of addressing mental health needs in our schools and preventing tragedy from happening.

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