Terre Haute, IN: New sensory room in elementary school helps with focus/behavior

Mar 7, 2018, Terre Haute, IN, WTHI—TV: Sensory Room at Sullivan Elementary School VIDEO: “A local school is seeing progress in students with learning and behavioral problems. … “Students only spend a half hour in the sensory room and for many of them, it’s the best part of their day. …this room is a way to cope. … “It’s a half hour escape at Sullivan Elementary School…” “You walk in any classroom, and you see there that are some students that just kind of stick out.” “It’s designed for students who struggle in the classroom …” “Forty kids use this room every day, and that growing number, administrators say, is part of a new outlook on resources.” “We cannot just limit ourselves to the traditional ways of discipline, the traditional ways of handling students that have maybe trouble focusing or behavior issues…. We all have to continue to really think outside the box.”