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Temple, TX: Elem school has first ever "multisensory learning"; students 'regulate themselves'

Sept 21, 2023, KXXV TV, Bell, TX: Jefferson Elementary School introduces students to new style of multisensory learning

VIDEO: $420,000 grant

“With the kids that we work with on daily basis—they need this.”

“When their sensory needs are met, they’re more focused.”

A new grant has made it possible for Temple ISD to bring in three new labs for the Jefferson Elementary School special needs program. That includes a one-of-a-kind multi-sensory room.

"It is the first one in the United States, and we are really proud of that," Functional Skills Teacher Kristi Penny told 25 News.

"We are just excited now that it's open and functional and we can start bringing our kids in here and letting them get the full effect."

The school's new "Zen Den" gives kids a chance to use all of their senses while learning.

"When our children sensory needs are met they're more focused, so therefore they attend better to their classroom work or whatever skill we're building," said Jefferson Principal, Pamela Demny.

"With the kids that we work with on a daily basis, they need this," Demny said.

"All of the kids that have disabilities of any kind need a sensory place like this. And so we are very blessed to be able to provide that."

Penny said some of their students have a hard time regulating their emotions, and they need a place like this to "come in and calm down and learn strategies to regulate themselves."…


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