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Tehachapi, CA: District hires consulting company to help with discipline; cost: $31,000/yr

Aug 21, 2018, Tehachapi (CA) Times: New suspension program slated to start this year in Tehachapi Unified School District Students at several schools within the Tehachapi Unified School District may soon be placed into a new program if they are disruptive or show negative behavior in the classroom. It's part of the district’s approach to help students recognize bad behavior, make amends and reduce overall suspension and expulsion rates. The Alternative to Suspension program will be provided by Blue Water Educational Consulting. … Students in the program will be in a separate classroom with a teacher for up to 30 days. A series of steps to help students improve their behavior may include student surveys, apology letters, commitment cards and other ways to "own" their previous unacceptable behaviors. This includes a plan for the student after they leave the program, Tyler added. The program will be implemented at Jacobsen Middle School, Tehachapi High School and Monroe High School. It is also the first program with training and curriculum that will be used to help students with discipline issues. Staff will also receive training on the program, said TUSD interim superintendent Paul Kaminski. … The program doesn’t come without a price. The training for students and staff with monthly meetings from the company costs $31,000 for one year, according to the approved 2018 contract agreement….

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