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Talladega Cty, AL: Bus converted into sensory room; services 17 local schools

Nov 9, 2021, CBS42, Birmingham, AL: Talladega County Schools unveil WALI, school bus converted to sensory room

TALLADEGA COUNTY, Ala. — Over the past few years, schools across the country have started installing sensory rooms – a space where students with disabilities can escape when overwhelmed by the school day. The Talladega County Board of Education (TCBOE) unveiled their latest unique sensory room, converted from a retired school bus. Faculty and the TCBOE community painted, designed and installed the proper technology and devices into the bus for their newest sensory space. WALI was designed to include fidget boards and similar devices. Devices like these are known to quell anxieties, especially among the disables community. “We wanted a mobile sensory room that we could bring to all 17 schools into our county,” Special Education Coordinator with TCBOE, Michelle Head said. “Kids can come onto the bus, help them relax, help them focus and prepare their minds for learning.” The sensory room, called WALI, will stay at each of the 17 schools for two weeks…. Special education teachers within Talladega County Schools tell CBS 42 that WALI has led to surprising growth in participating students. WALI started as a vision of B.B. Comer Elementary School staff member Jason Jacks who has a child with autism. From there, he and his fellow TCBOE community then designed, painted and assembled WALI.


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