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Tahlequah, OK: City Christmas parade to have 'Silent Zone' for kids with autism/sensory issues

Nov 28, 2018, NBC2 Tulsa, OK: Tahlequah Christmas parade adds "Silent Zone" for children with autism The city of Tahlequah is adding a "Silent Zone" to their Christmas parade route to be more accommodating for children with autism or sensory-related issues. The idea came from the president of "My Friends and Me" which is an organization that raises awareness and adds resources to children with autism and other disabilities. The president, Nicki Barnes Scott, is a mother of a son with autism, and a daughter with down syndrome…. She recently saw an opportunity to expand inclusion in Tahlequah within the annual Christmas parade by adding a silent zone. In this area, parade goers and participants would have to be quiet so kids with sensory related issues could enjoy the parade without being startled. …


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