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Tacoma, WA: Retiring teacher funds sensory room where SPED kids can "unwind"

June 18, 2019, Tacoma (WA) News Tribune: ‘They love you for good reasons.’ Tacoma kindergarten teacher to retire after 48 years Point Defiance Elementary School teacher Lin Riggio has taught kindergarten in Tacoma schools for 48 years. She's retiring at the end of this school year. … Riggio retires this week from Point Defiance Elementary School after a 48-year tenure as a kindergarten teacher in Tacoma. Though she’s worked at several other schools in the area, Room 7 at Point Defiance Elementary has been her home for more than 30 years…. “It’s too much testing,” Riggio said. “It takes away from our teaching time. All the teachers would agree … If you’re a good teacher, you know every child in your class and you know what they know.”… Throughout her years at Point Defiance Elementary, Riggio has put extra effort into helping students with disabilities…. She’s donated her own money to fund projects the school needs, including a sensory room for students with learning disabilities, to help them unwind as part of their therapy….


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