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Sycamore Township, OH: Local autism school sees "surging enrollment"

Aug 11, 2020, Fox19, Cincinnati, OH: Local school for children with autism adding extra space amid surging enrollment, COVID-19 SYCAMORE TOWNSHIP, Ohio (FOX19) – A local school is pursuing an innovative, if temporary, solution to the problem of running out of space for its students as they return for fall classes. Linden Grove School is a school for kids with autism in Kindergarten through eighth grade. Right now there are 95 students enrolled for the 2021 school year, and Kristin Tennyson, head of the school, says parents are calling every day for their kids to be put on the waiting list. “As most people know, the autism rate continues to grow and grow and grow right now” said Tennyson. “The CDC tells us they believe one in 48 individuals in the United States are on the autism spectrum.” The problem is, there’s not enough space in the building…. “When you have that many children with autism in one building that have different types of sensory needs, it can be difficult,” Tennyson said. ... For the 2020-2021 school year, Linden Grove School’s tuition ranges from $29,900 to $31,250 depending on the grade of the student as well as the programming needed.
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