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SW GA: Autism rate "growing more drastically"; organizations "celebrating"

Apr 5, 2023, WALB, Albany, GA: ‘It’s a very prevalent diagnosis’: Autism rates increasing nationwide

The month of April is observed as Autism Awareness Month.

Many organizations like the Arc of Southwest Georgia are celebrating those impacted as the diagnosis rate increases.

The CDC reports that 1% of the world’s population has an autism disorder, as more people learn about their diagnosis when they’re older. The CDC also reports right now, 1 in 36 children is impacted by this disability.

Deanna Jullian, Executive Director of the Arc Southwest Georgia Unity, said that’s a number that is growing more drastically than years before which is why resources to support the autism community are so vital.

Deanna Jullian said the autism diagnosis rate has changed since she's been in special education.

“When I first started in special education, it was about 1 in every 99 births. So it is a very prevalent diagnosis within our nation that we will have to address and make sure we have the support necessary,” Jullian said.

The Arc of Southwest Georgia is hosting a lift-up autism event on April 22 at World Camp CrossFit to not only help raise awareness but also funds. All proceeds will go into supporting more resources for the autistic community.


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