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Stroudsburg, PA: School panel discusses how TRAUMA FROM HOME leads to disruptive behavior

Aug 25, 2018, Stroudsburg, PA, Pocono Record: Madden hosts school violence panel Securing schools from violence was the focus of a Tuesday panel discussion hosted by state Rep. Maureen Madden at Hughes Public Library. Madden and fellow state representatives from across Pennsylvania are on the House Democratic Policy Committee, whose panel holds periodic public discussions throughout the year on issues affecting communities in the Commonwealth. At each of these discussions, the panel hears from a series of speakers presenting on topics…. In April and June, the task force held six community meetings at schools throughout Pennsylvania, Brown said. These meetings focused on preparing schools and emergency personnel for mass shootings and threats, better addressing students’ mental as well as physical health needs and training students and staff in being alert and addressing problems before they reach the point where emergency personnel are called. Identified at these meetings was the need for improved communication and information-sharing, enhanced social and emotional learning for students, more nurses and mental health professionals, more access to mental health services, stronger school security and stronger connections between schools and their communities, as well as other strategies, Brown said…. Hamilton discussed assessing the traumatic impact of adverse childhood experiences on children and how likely they are to act out this trauma in destructive ways when older. She also discussed building resilience in children to help them overcome this trauma before it leads to problems. The last speaker, Helena Tuleya-Payne, coordinator of Millersville University’s School Psychology Program, discussed the importance of school psychologists, counselors and social workers providing mental health services to students at risk of violent behavior. Just as important is students reporting “leakage,” or a student sharing his/her plan to do something violent in school, to the proper authorities, Tuleya-Payne said.


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