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Stoughton, MA: Out of district SPED costs up 8 percent

Jan 30, 2019, Stoughton (MA) Enterprise: Stoughton schools look for 4.5 percent budget hike Stoughton schools are looking for a budget increase of 4.5 percent. Superintendent Marguerite Rizzi presented the school committee’s proposed budget of $49,112,430 – an increase of $2,121,724 – at the selectmen’s meeting Jan. 15. The final budget has not yet been approved. “This is a pretty daunting amount of money,” said selectmen vice chair Michael Sullivan. “I know there is a deadline for you to vote,” Rizzi said. “But this number is in the interest of the continuing service you have allowed us to create.”… Schools also must pay out of district costs like special education, which is mandated by the state. “This number went up eight percent, which is larger than what you would typically see,” Rizzi said.


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