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Storm Lake, IA: Therapy dog trainer says dogs have 'calming effect' with students

June 27, 2018, Storm Lake (IA) Pilot: Local educator trains therapy dog for school Storm Lake Middle School Vice Principal, Jaymie Bral, is certifying his dog, Dory, to become a therapy dog. Bral knows the positive effect that dogs can have on humans, and he hopes to one day make Dory the school's very own therapy dog…. Bral's dream for Dory is to become the school's therapy dog. "I get to see a lot of kids who are just having a tough time," says Bral. Problems in school or at home can affect children in the classroom. "We need to work hard to get them back in the classroom." Having a therapy dog for himself and the counselors to work with would be beneficial in helping the students. Many schools, including colleges, use therapy dogs to help students alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression among other things. "The calming effect they can have on people is powerful," states Bral. Schools across the country have placed therapy dogs into schools and classrooms. Colleges bring therapy dogs to their school before finals, place them in advising or counseling sessions or even in their library….

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