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Staten Island, NY: New charter school, Catholic schools to help with "rising need for SPED seats"

Sept 2, 2018, Staten Island Live: 14 key things to be aware of as school year begins on Staten Island The 2018-2019 school year begins on Wednesday, Sept. 5, for public school students, and Thursday, Sept. 6, for Catholic school students. More special education seats will be available, a new charter school will open, and school safety measures are among the issues that will affect students during the upcoming school year. … New special education programs To address a rising need for special education seats in the borough, a new special education program for students will launch at the start of the 2018-2019 school year at three Catholic elementary schools. There will be an additional 96 to 120 seats at both the elementary and middle school levels on Staten Island for the beginning of the academic year. Five middle school sections of District 75 P373R sites were re-sited from PS 71, Concord, and PS 861, Graniteville, to Morris Intermediate School (I.S. 61) in Brighton Heights. The seats that will be vacated in PS 71 and PS 861 will each be able to accommodate approximately 42 District 75 students from kindergarten to fifth grade…. Mental health education required Students in New York schools -- elementary, middle and high schools -- will be taught mental health education as required by a new state law…. The mandate intends to ensure health education programs recognize the multiple dimensions of mental health to enhance student understanding, attitudes and behaviors.


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