State College, PA: Sensory room is 'really calming for kids'

Jan 12, 2018, Centre Daily Times, State College, PA: Sensory room helps Wingate students focus Everything inside the school’s new “sensory room” — from the beans onward — has been arranged to evoke a sense of, if not relaxation, then equilibrium. There are posters of beaches and lakes, a small tent for quiet introspection and a distinctive blue quality to the light courtesy of some filters that have been placed across the overhanging fluorescent lights. The students who drop by usually do so on the recommendation of teachers who feel that their classroom performance or emotional health could benefit from a 15- to 20-minute interlude here in Xanadu, where the tactile sensations acquired from even a simple blanket run deeply therapeutic. … To the casual observer, it could have appeared indistinguishable from what a parent might refer to as “getting all worked up.” Weisbrode is not a casual observer. “Movement paired with strong input to muscles and joints is usually really calming for kids,” Weisbrode said.