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St. Tammany Parish, LA: SPED teacher and aides accused of abuse

Aug 7, 2018, New Orleans Times-Picayune Special education students abused in St. Tammany, parents claim in lawsuit Four sets of parents have filed lawsuits in St. Tammany Parish accusing a special education teacher and several assistants of abusing their children in a classroom at Covington Elementary School.

In two separate lawsuits, the parents claim their children were subjected to physical and verbal abuse. In one instance, a set of parents placed a recording device in their son's shirt and recorded some of the alleged abuse, one of the suits says….

The lawsuits identify the four children by initials. The suits say the children do not speak and have severe disabilities. …

The suits say the educators' behavior created a hostile, abusive environment for the children during the 2017-2018 school year. The suits say the children suffered bruising, scratching and biting throughout the school year and that school administrators as well as Cole told them that was part of the normal education process. …


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