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St. Paul, MN: SPED-14% of students, 43% of suspensions

June 29, 2018, St. Paul Pioneer Press: St. Paul schools to scrutinize student suspensions under human rights agreement St. Paul Public Schools has reached an agreement with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights to take a close look at what’s causing persistent disparities in student discipline. St. Paul is one of 20 districts and charter schools so far to have struck such a deal, Human Rights Commissioner Kevin Lindsey announced Thursday. The agreements follow a March study of five years of discipline data reported by the state’s public schools. Lindsey’s office found black students statewide are expelled or suspended eight times as often as white students; American Indians are punished 10 times as often. Further, students with disabilities make up 14 percent of all K-12 students but account for 43 percent of suspensions and expulsions…. The district also has embraced Innocent Classroom training, which helps teachers understand what’s causing a student’s misbehavior….

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