St. Louis Post-Dispatch: "32% of children have an anxiety disorder"

May 11, 2018, St. Louis (MO) Post—Dispatch: Anxiety, depressionskyrocketing in kids while discipline flounders. What should parents do? One in two American children will develop a mood or behavioral disorder or substance abuse addiction before age 18. When I read this statistic in Katherine Reynolds Lewis’ new book, “The Good News about Bad Behavior,” my reaction was: Wait, what? I have been hearing anecdotally for years about an epidemic of anxiety, depression and substance abuse among kids, but could it really be this widespread? Lewis had the same reaction when she found the government data by the National Institute of Mental Health that looked at more than 10,000 children. … A veteran journalist, she dug into the study, reported it out and found the only people who aren’t surprised by the research are high school guidance counselors and mental health professionals — the ones on the front lines of this crisis. In fact, 32 percent of children have an anxiety diagnosis, she said. Lewis builds a convincing case with a substantial amount of research that we are seeing an actual change in children, not just a rise in diagnoses. This is coupled with a documented rise in misbehaving, undisciplined children, she writes. “Children today are fundamentally different from past generations,” she writes. “They truly have less self-control.” Her book explores why and what to do about it....

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