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Springfield, OH: District asks students to watch for something that "isn't right or is dangerous"

Sept 30, 2018, Springfield (OH) News—Sun: How Springfield schools are teaching students about safety in new ways Sometimes it’s the students who first notice something isn’t right or is dangerous at their school, and the Springfield City School District hopes those students will alert an adult immediately. To help all Springfield city students learn how important it is to speak up when something is wrong, the district launched its safety initiative last week “See Something, Say Something.” … “It’s another added level of safety we have here in the schools. We’ve created our own curriculum and talking points by grade that we will ask our teachers to incorporate into their lessons to help our students better understand how important it is to be safe and create a culture of safety,” Hill said. “Where if you do see something that isn’t right, something that doesn’t fit, you say something to an adult.”


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