Sprague, CT: Parents don't want school nurse's hour cut; chronically ill kids at risk

Dec 15, 2017, Norwich (CT) Bulletin: Parents ask Sprague school board not to halve nurse’s hours at St. Joseph Parents of students who attend St. Joseph School in Sprague have told the Board of Education it shouldn’t cut in half the work hours of the elementary school nurse, saying that to do so would put the students’ health and safety at risk. They spoke out Wednesday for more than an hour at the board’s regular meeting. The board is considering the cut, which would save about $15,000 according to officials, as a budget-tightening move. … The board budgets for two full-time school nurses: for Sayles School, which is the town’s public school, and for St. Joseph. “It’s a major concern for the school,” St. Joseph parent Beth Wigfield said. The school has several students with severe allergies, and Wigfield said nurse Donna Anderson also diagnosed her daughter’s asthma. … “Emergencies happen at any time. Illnesses too,” she said.