Spokane, WA: SPED cap 'unconstitutional

June 22, 2017, The Spokane Review: Funding special education: Lawmakers, advocates look to patch budget shortfalls ...That’s largely because neither budget changes a policy that caps what the state pays districts for special education services at 12.7 percent of a district’s full-time enrollment, Gillet said. According to the court document, 120 school districts in Washington have special education populations exceeding 12.7 percent – including Spokane Public Schools. “To impose a cap on one vulnerable group of students is just blatantly unconstitutional,” said Katherine George, the attorney who filed the amicus brief. “It’s saying, ‘Here is a group that’s going to be shortchanged intentionally.’ It’s part of the state’s formula.” In Spokane Public Schools, roughly 14 percent of students qualified for special education in 2017, or about 4,400 K-12 students. There are about 31,000 students enrolled in the district.