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Spokane, WA: New autism school opens; 'demand is heavy'

Dec 3, 2021, Spokesman-Review: ‘A personalized approach’: New school opens in Spokane to help children with autism

A new school in north Spokane promises the best of both worlds for children with autism. “What we’re trying to do is create an environment for kids with autism that meets their needs and does it for free,” said Jim Matthews, board president of Ascend Academy. It’s no surprise, then, that demand is heavy. Classes begin Jan. 4 with room for 20 children, but Matthews and his team already have received more than 50 applications. The nonprofit is designed specifically for students with severe autism, behavioral disorders, disabilities and skill deficits…. The one-on-one attention is crucial, Matthews said, because children with autism often have behaviors “that are idiosyncratic and individual to them.”… The school also will be open 12 months a year – an important consideration, Matthews said, because “summer slide” is often more pronounced for children with autism. That’s important, Matthew said, because “a lot of kids with autism have difficulty with transitions, both going into and coming out of summer.” Matthews expects that Ascend Academy will be supported through donations from local businesses and people. The ABA therapy provided to students is paid through the family’s insurance….

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Josh Scandlen
Josh Scandlen
١٥ ديسمبر ٢٠٢١

I'm sure it's just the "over-diagnosis" and not a real problem. Parents just want more testing time for their kids...etc. 😡

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