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Spokane, WA: High school opens its own HEALTH CLINIC; physical/mental health services

July 1, 2019, KXLY, Spokane, WA: Rogers High School set to open robust health center Health centers in schools have been associated with better attendance and higher grades. Now, John R. Rogers High School in north Spokane will be receiving its own, courtesy of the Community Health Association of Spokane and funding from Kaiser Permanente. The health center will provide medical and behavioral health, dental services and mental counseling. All services will be available to the 1,500 students attending Rogers, but also to staff, parents, and siblings after school hours. “Access to high-quality education in an environment that fosters learning contributes to a longer, healthier life,” said Sally Yates, Vice President of Kaiser Permanente, Washington. “We also know that many in our schools don’t have access to vitally needed services, including mental health and counseling services.”…
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