Spokane, WA: District schools "hosted a suicide prevention symposium"

Mar 29, 2018, KXLY—TV, Spokane, WA: Mental health experts offer advice at SPS suicide prevention symposium On Thursday, the Spokane Public Schools hosted a suicide prevention symposium at North Central High School. The symposium featured a resource fair to help connect people with organizations dedicated to helping those suffering from depression, suicidal thoughts, self-harm and other mental health issues. … The panel of experts also included a high school student, behavior/mental health counselors, and a therapist from Sacred Heart Medical Center. Brooke Snyder, an intern counselor with Spokane Public Schools, said she attended the symposium to better be able to help students suffering from depression or suicidal thoughts. "It's pretty huge, we are seeing it all the way down to elementary and its heartbreaking," said Snyder. "We're seeing it more from a position that kids feel really isolated."