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Spartanburg, SC: District partners with clinic; sick students web cam with doctors

Aug 6, 2018, News7, Spartanburg, SC: New technology helps students see doctor without leaving school A new technology at Cleveland Academy in Spartanburg is helping connect student's with doctors at Spartanburg Regional Health System (SRHS). It's part of a telehealth pilot program at Spartanburg Co. School District 7. … The highlight of this program is that students don't have to miss school to see the doctor. In the school nurse's office there are high powered tools and a web cam that allow the doctor to communicate with the student who doesn't feel well. It's a team effort between the school nurse, a nurse who works in conjunction with the school and hospital and the doctor at SRHS. According to Spartanburg 7 more than 50 schools in the lower part of the state have adopted the innovative practice--the program at Cleveland is one of the first of it's kind in the Upstate.

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