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South Bend, IN: 'We still have these increasing stats of kids getting diagnosed'

April 10, 2022, WNDU, South Bend, IN: Sunday Morning Spotlight: Lighthouse Autism Center

The Lighthouse Autism Center stopped by the studio to join Jack Springgate on the Sunday Morning Spotlight. This is a big month for the organization as April marks National Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month. Sunday is also a big day for Lighthouse. They teamed up with the South Bend Cubs for their game at Four Winds Field to modify programming around autism and autism acceptance. There were sensory-friendly activities for guests including a sensory room located in the suite right behind home plate. Lighthouse’s Chief Clinical Officer told us what they’re teaching people about Autism Spectrum Disorder throughout the month. “We still have these increasing stats of kids getting diagnosed. The most recent one is 1 in 44 kids is diagnosed with Autism, and one of the big pushes at Lighthouse is really getting kids diagnosed earlier,” said C.O.O. Leila Allen.


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