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South Bend, IN: New residential autism school to provide "round-the-clock attention"

Aug 1, 2018, WSBT, South Bend, IN: New South Bend facility will be for children with autism to get round-the-clock attention Families who are trying to find help for kids with autism sometimes have to travel outside the area to get the services they need. But a new facility is coming to South Bend to help fill the gap. Riverbend started its pilot school last year. There will soon be a place for children with autism to get round-the-clock attention. The beds will soon be filled with children ranging in age from 6 to 21. There are 70 beds in total. "A residential service can provide an area where a child can come and get intensive services to be able to help them cope with the environment and cope with what's going on with them. It also gives time for the family to relax, reset and put programs in place in the house where the child is able to re-enter and be a wonderful part of their family again,” said Joshua Smith, Riverbend CEO…. Now children in South Bend can live and go to school all in the same place. ….

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