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South Bend, IN: ABA services to expand; 'ever-growing waitlist'/'we are thrilled'

Lighthouse Autism Center Announces Expansion of ABA Services in Indiana Leading ABA Provider Set to Expand Services in South Bend, IN -- Lighthouse Autism Center, a leading provider of center-based, Applied Behavior Analysis ("ABA") therapy, today announced building renovations to expand services in South Bend, Indiana. “We are thrilled about the expanding services in our center in South Bend on Ireland Road. With our ever-growing waitlist in the area, this expansion aligns with our mission of bringing services to communities that need them. We will be able to serve an additional 21 families in the area. With a beautifully remodeled space that features expertly curated spaces to support natural and play-based learning, we could not be more excited to share this new space with the South Bend community, “ Chief Clinical Officer Leila Allen said.

Lighthouse Autism Center therapy space used for cultivating language development.

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