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Socastee, SC: Moms work for special school for their high needs children

Dec 31, 2018, WBTW TV, Myrtle Beach, FL: Mothers push for special needs school in Horry County SOCASTEE, SC (WBTW) - A group of Horry County parents are determined to find a building to use for a special needs school in the district. Summer Watts knows first hand what it takes to care for a special needs child, which is why she is pushing for the special needs school. "Unfortunately these kids are not normal, and I hate to say that because it kinda sounds bad, but their needs are not normal. They need special attention, they need special ways of learning and teaching; special care," Watts said. … The moms have told the district's director of special needs about their ideas, and they plan to bring it up in future school board meetings. "We can help bridge the gap between home and school for their benefit, so they get the most out of school," Holman said.


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