Sioux Falls, SD: Mindfulness for kids to relax and calm down

Dec 29, 2017, Sioux Falls (SD) Argus Leader: 'Mindful moments' bring quiet meditation to Hawthorne class Aaron Dang admits his class of fifth-graders is rambunctious at times, but for six minutes each day, they're silent. … Students are instructed to focus on their breathing, and the recording guides them through a meditation on feelings. "Just feel what you're feeling," the voice says, adding that it's possible there's something hurting or some fear. "It will pass, it always does," the voice adds. As the recording plays, some students close their eyes. Some swing their legs under their desk or fidget to get comfortable. One girl rests the back of her hands on her lap, pressing her thumb and forefinger together. … Dang, who describes himself as a mindfulness practitioner, hopes students take lessons in managing emotions and treating themselves kindly to other areas of their school day. "If they're not able to relax or calm down, they're not able to solve problems," Dang said. With all of the subjects that need to be covered during a school day, the mindful moment also gives Dang a set time to focus on social and emotional learning. The goal is that kids learn a process for acknowledging and accepting their emotions so they can move forward.