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Sioux Center, IA: Flexible seating because 'a lot more kids [have] sensory needs'

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Feb 15, 2019, Sheldon, IA, Sioux Center News: Flexible seating gives kids voice, choice … Sioux Center Christian School seventh- and eighth-grade students have choice in their classrooms this year due to the incorporation of flexible seating options. “We’re always seeking to do as much as we can to meet student needs,” said head of school Josh Bowar. “As we continue to look at the needs of the students we have, having flexible seating met that in different ways.” One of those ways was fitting the teaching and learning styles happening in today’s classrooms. … “I know our writing teacher wanted to provide a variety of seating for students that helps keep kids on task,” Den Boer said. “On the ball seat students have to be sitting up to use it well. It seems to enhance their concentration. Some chairs have a wiggle, swivel option. Not every student had one but since we see a lot more kids that have sensory needs, this was a way to meet those sensory needs without pointing those students out. Kids in seventh- and eighth-grade don’t like to be pointed out. This way everybody gets it.”… “At the beginning of the school year I saw a lot more movement so as a teacher I had to get used to seeing so much movement, but the kids were actually calmer,” she said. “There’s a lot more calm and peace in my room for sure.”…

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