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(Singapore) 7 new autism schools for 100s of students planned; growth expected

Dec 9, 2020, Yahoo Finance: 7 new special education schools to begin operations at permanent sites from 2022 – Seven new government-funded special education (SPED) schools – four serving students who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with intellectual impairment and three serving those with moderate ASD – will progressive begin operations at their permanent locations in Singapore from 2022.... “In the years ahead, a small proportion of about 1.5 per cent of our students will continue to need the customised learning environments provided by our SPED schools,” said Lucy Toh, MOE’s divisional director of special education needs.... 4 new schools for students who have ASD with intellectual impairment... These four SPED schools will begin operations at their respective permanent sites between 2022 and 2024. Each school will provide 25 school places per year and will have an eventual total capacity of 300 places.... Together with Eden School and St. Andrew’s Autism School, there will be six SPED schools catering to students who have ASD with intellectual impairment from 2021. Two of the schools – Pathlight Schools 2 and 3 – are run by Autism Resource Centre (Singapore) (ARC). Pathlight School 2 will provide 500 primary level school places and 300 post-primary level school places, with its permanent location at the former East View Primary School. Pathlight School 3 will provide 500 primary and 400 post-primary level school places, with a new campus to be constructed at Tengah.... This new school will start operating at the to-be-vacated Yusof Ishak Secondary School as its interim site in 2022, providing 75 places per cohort. At its eventual permanent site in Clementi, it will be able to provide 500 primary and 350 post-primary level school places. Together with Pathlight School 1, there will be four government-funded SPED schools that support students with moderate special education needs who have ASD and can access the national curriculum from 2022.


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