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Seattle: Seattle Children's Autism Center expands thanks to $770K gift

Nov 7, 2022, KING 5, Seattle: Kids at Seattle Children's Autism Center design limited edition Magic the Gathering playing cards

SEATTLE — A couple of well-known Seattle brands are combining their powers to support Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Specifically the newly renovated Seattle Children’s Autism Center that will open its doors in December. Executive Director Mendy Minjarez says funding more services for kids and families isn’t magic but it is in part, due to Magic the Gathering.

“I had no idea how popular Magic cards were and the value of the limited editions is impressive,” Minjarez said.

The role playing game was released by Renton-based Wizards of the Coast in 1993 and has grown from 300 cards to more than 20,000.

A limited edition collection of Magic cards were released as part of a community partnership between Wizards of the Coast and Extra Life, an annual fundraising event featuring people from the world of gaming who come together to fundraise.

Wizards of the Coast has been working with Seattle Children’s Hospital directly for several years and gave the autism center a gift of over $770,000 last year. …

Fifty percent of the proceeds from the limited editions will go directly to Seattle Children’s Autism Center. Last year's check was for $770,000 dollars and has helped to support program development, expansion, family support, training and more.

Minjarez said Wizards helps to make the most of their beautiful new space.

“Wizards helps to pay for specialists and training and as we open this new facility in December that money is going to make an immediate impact,” Minjarez said….


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