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Seattle: New "inclusive" charter school; 19% of students are SPED

Aug 3, 2018, Westside Seattle: Summit Atlas Charter School grand opening shows off newly expanded facility The Summit Atlas Charter School at the corner of Roxbury Street SW and 35th SW is a very different and yet very familiar place. As a school most of the basics are there, and the aim for any school, quality education is the same you'd find anywhere. But the approach they take is interwoven with a spirit of gratitude, kindness, acceptance and support that sets it apart from other school environments. It's one of eight Summit Public charter schools in Washington. Officially opened a year ago in a somewhat limited building the school held a grand opening ceremony on Saturday Aug. 4 to celebrate its new more extensive expansion and remodel. The facility now offers 24 classrooms, common spaces, a kitchen where meals are served from, 8 "quiet rooms", and an outdoor basket ball court…. … The expected enrollment for the year is 360; when they are fully built out, they expect to serve about 700 students. The goal is 100 students per grade level. … … 19 percent of our students qualify for Special Education. So we are really an 'All means All' type of school. … Special education at Summit Atlas has its own name this year. It's a full inclusion model in that students are enrolled in the core curriculum, get support in Learning Center but those that have significant learning disabilites get specialized support in what they call the "Joy Academy." …

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